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Do you have a backup strategy?

Januar 25, 2013 1 Kommentar

Since mid-january I have got the possibility to work four weeks from home and I use this time for making progress with my phd. Now after two weeks I just remembered that I did not back-up my work since very long time. Honestly I just forget it. Although my Laptop crashed some months ago and I had really difficulties to recover all my data. The problem was, that I was so concentrated in progessing with my work, that I did not think about backing it up. Today I realized it and I instantly became a bad feeling, so I immediately took care of my backup.

I could imagine, that some of you also do not think about the worst case.
I would like to share with you, how I decided on my backup strategy last year:

After the crash of my laptop I did some internet research on how to back up best. You can either use external hard drives, usb-sticks etc. or you can use webspace. I decided to use webspace. This has the avantage, that I can access all my documents from another computer (e.g. at my work). There are a lot of different provider for such services, so I looked at the service they offer (and the prices, in case it was not for free). For me the data security is an important point. So I decided to use webspace provider, which was awarded the TÜV seal for ISO 27001 certification for outstanding security.  This was the main point for choosing this service provider, though the service was not for free. But further they also have an Ipad-App which enables me to synchronise all my documents with the Ipad. In addition they have a windows program which you can install and (what I discovered today) which gives the possibility to make automatic daily backups. So I so not have to do anything … except my computer has to be online at 6 p.m.

This is just one possibility on how to set up a backup strategy. The only thing which is important is to make backups regularly …to be on the save site in the worst case!

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