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Part-time phd: some problems and solutions

Juli 9, 2012 2 Kommentare

I am working on my phd-thesis approximately since one year now. As I am not a full-time-phd student, the time I spend for the phd is only a part of my working time. In parallel I am working as a project manager for an industrial company. Today I would like to share some problems I face and how I try to handle them:

  1. Reserve time for phd
    When doing a part-time-phd and work for a company at the same time, you have to organize very well. I try to organize min. 3 days of the week according to the following plan: I start working early and then try to finish at a certain time which I communicate to my colleagues the day before and in the morning. Afterwards I try to work at least 2-3 hours a day on my phd-topic. Sometimes this does not work (for example some urgent tasks have to be done in the office). But my experience shows, that my colleagues respect the time slots and it is getting easier to stick to this plan. In addition I reserve 1 – 1,5 day(s) at the weekend for the phd. The rest of the timeI try to do something else and to relax.
  2. Connect to other students and researchers:
    As I am mainly researching at home, I have realized that it is really important to stay in touch with other academics. I have developed two strategies for this: first one is to keep in touch with the other doctoral students, which are supervised by the same professor. On the one hand you have people with whom you can discuss your topic and on the other hand the other students know the professor and can give you valuable advice on what to do and what better not to do.
    The other one is to actively look for interesting discussions on twitter, to follow blogs by academics and to use researchgate. The blogs I am following cover my research topics but also phd-discussions in general. Another way to build up a network is to register at researchgate. This is like facebook for researchers
  3. Stay in contact with non-phd-people:
    The third important part is to keep in touch with other people. As already mentioned under point 1. It is very important to relax sometimes and to forget the phd sometimes. One way to do that is to keep in touch with your friends or to go to a sports club or similar.  After meeting some friends and having a nice time with them, I fell that it is easier to get back to the phd and work concentrated on that topic.

For me the biggest problem is to reserve time for the phd and to work concentrated on the topic.
Do you have other problems or solutions? Would be happy to hear from you J

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